Hey ladies. I thought I could do a Instaweek tag every friday to show what I've been up to besides blogging. Let me know if you would like that.

1. Some people rarely realise how beautiful is the city they are living in :)
2. My friday outfit :)
3. Found these cute Moxie tampons in our supermarket. They come in a metal case, which I think is great :)
4. Lunch with my groupie :)

5. I am a loyal Vivi customer and I got my loyalty card today, sooo beautiful :)
6. Yesterday I treated myself with a caramel croissant from Mamos kepyklele and watched one of my favourite tv series Forever. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it :)
7. My university faculty. Love thre statue/pillar :)
8. Tbt summer :)

9. My outfit of the day :)
10. I got this soy wax bar from Ellmuilas & it smells amazing :)
11. On our way home from our hometown :)
12. My hometown harbor :)

13. Went thriftshopping as always :)
14. Really inapropriate attire for a rainy day last friday :)
15. I can't imagine easter without these Kinder eggs :)
16. Easter selfie. P.s. I have Maybelline Better skin on in shade 21 nude, I think I like it :)


  1. Tuos Moxie ir aš vis žiūriu. Lb patraukli pakuotė.

    1. Tai jau tikrai :) manau vieną dieną susigundysiu :)