Greetings! This morning (well technically it's not morning anymore, but it's my holiday, sooo) I want to introduce you to Ellame silk masks. Ellame is a french brand and they make two kinds of masks. I got to try both. Lucky me :)))

Firstly I've tried this hydrating mask. The application is easy, but weird. I have never used a mask like that, so it was a new experience for me. After 20 minutes of relaxation, I took it off, rubbed into the skin the excess cream and enjoyed baby soft skin. I really could feel the hydration changes of my skind. It wasn't like after applying cream, but it was in some kind of way better feeling skin. As I said, it was first for me, so I cannot really explain the feeling hehe.

that how I looked with the mask on hehehe

Another mask I was trying out was for more mature skin as it's anti-aging. With products like that, you don't really see the results and in if in 20 years I will be "goodlooking" I won't be sure that it was because of this mask. But I'm not saying it's not worth trying out. This mask has so many good thing in it (other one too): hyularon acid, ceramides, colloidal gold, vitamin e, silk, alpha lipoic acid and many more, so it can't do any harm, but will definitelly treat your skin. It will thank you later hehe

One thing that I've noticed was that after these masks I had a headache. The liquid of the mask attracts hold and that gave me headache, so take in mind to close all the windows in the room while enjoying this mask. I will definitely use the hydrating mask again and again.

You can get it here:
Lithuanians can also get in in the biggest pharmacies :)

More info here:


  1. Aš retai naudoju tokio tipo kaukes, bet atrodo kur kas patogiau, nei tepamos!