Hey, ladies. How you doing? Despite the shitty weather today, I feel pretty well & motivated. Hope you are too, because one being motivated makes the world go round. And today I will introduce you to Avon nutra effects day cream. Avon says that cream is lightweight, has SPF15, helps to protect skin from the drying effect of the wind, cold and dry air and locking the moisture all day.

In my oppinion, at this time of year, this cream is a perfect night cream, because it is very rich and moisturizing. It is too rich for the morning application if you are in the rush, because it takes time to make it foundation-friendly lets say. The more cream you apply (and I like to apply a lot) the more shiny face you get. That is not a bad thing for me, because I am using it as a night cream. Also it has a bit of a sticky feel to it. That is another reason why I do not use it in the morning. Besides that I deeply enjoy the scent of the product. It may seem ridiculous to you, but it is sooo similar to my Always pantyliners scent hehe. I just can't help to not notice it. I like that it has a sun protection, is free of parabens and dyes, has glycerin, but the thing that bothers me most is that it contains Benzophenone-3 (a.k.a. oxybenzone) which is mostly used in sunscreen products and is known as "chemical" sunscreen agent. It's proportions are regulated in most of the countries, e.g. in Europe the maximum 10% is allowed.

You can see how sparkly it gets in the pictures above. The price is another factor I would recommend it and the fact that you need only few drops daily, means that the glass! bottle will serve you a lifetime hehe. 


  1. I tried this cream also, only named "Balance" for oily skin. In first I was really happy about quite eco cream from avon, but I must say - the scent was way too strong, it actually made my eyes burn a little, and then the cream itself made my skin quite matte for 1h only. So, yep, I do not recommend to buy "Balance" for good.

    1. Well I dont mind the scent being strong if it's pleasant, but what can I say, everyone is different. By the way, I think any type of cream would make eyes burn, even eco, because eyes are super sensitive. And I know that matte skin is what oilyskinned people are wanting, isn't it? P.s. so sad that it didn't worked out for you :)