Hello, ladies. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I just came back from the port town of Lithuania and ready to get back to work. Today I want to share with you another cheap as chips tip for skin or hair care. And it's this not very beautiful plant called aloe vera. This green plant has some goods stuff in it. As some of might know, most of the product are made of the base of the water. So you basicaly are paying for water. But water isn't as good for your skin or hair, as aloe vera is. Products, based on this plant juice, are more expensive, but also better for you. So why not grow this plant yourself and have a natural product?

Aloe Vera is considered to be a miracle plant, because:
- it treats acne;
- it is anti-aging;
- reduces wrinkles;
- cleanses skin;
- helps to loose weight;
- it has vitamins for hairloss;
- boosts imuno power;
& many more...

As you can see, aloe vera is a must have for every girl. I am using it as anti dry skin, because it moisturizes & hydrates my skin. Leaves it baby soft, gentle and less sensitive.  There are many ways to use it, but you can use it on it's own. Just take the insides of the plant (juices & gel), mash it and rub it into the skin or whenever wanted. You can also mix in some goods, such as honey, greek yoghurt etc. 

Hope you find something helpful and maybe you have soe really good recipes with aloe vera? I would be happy to try them out! :))


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