Hey ladies. Long time no see. I have so many posts coming up. This time about a purchase that I made few weeks ago. I have already introduced you to this lithuanian brand Vivi, that makes natural cosmetics. I fell in love with this brand from the minute I discovered it and my love continues. Recently I found out that they are doing some great advertising strategy offers. They give you a chance to try out their handcream for free and give you 40% off your purchase. So I just couldn't resist. If you want to find out how to get a 10euro worth natural handcream, stay tuned till the end of the post.

First of all I went to their shop in Vilnius oldtown for this amazing handcream. It has loads of oils and other good things in it and it smells divine. It sinks into the hands quickly, leaves them silky soft and it does not leave any oily residue. 

The second thing I went for was this Walnut face cream. The assistant was so helpful to pick out a cream from a huge range. As I turned 21 a week ago, I feel so old right now. I know it's silly, but the fact is that from the age 21 skin starts to be more and more lazy, so it needs more intensive care. This natural walnut cream is anti-aging, stimulates regeneration, soften, moisturize, hydrolates, soothe and revitalize the skin. The smell is nice if you are more into the nutty scents. 

And the 2 last things that I got were these natural tanning creams with mango. Ahhhh. I AM SO INLOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. The scent, the effect is just undiscribeable. It makes your skin soft, moisturized, makes your tan stay longer and you get tanned a lot faster. After using a sunbed, you do not have that sunbed smell on your skin. You can use it not only before sunbedding, but also in the summer at the beach to accelerate the tan. I bought one for my friend for her upcoming birthday and she was so happy with the gift and with the product itself.

P.s. did you know that when you are sunbedding without any cream applied on your skin, you start "burning" only from the 6th minute. So if you sunbed 9 minutes, that means you were only sunbedding for 3mins.  That's why I would recommend you to use any sort of moisturizing cream or  skin/tanning oil.

So all you have to do to get this wonderful handcream is to write NORIU and your mobile phone to the emai: and they will send you a coupon. Print it and go to their store to pick up the cream. Make sure you have an ID with you. 

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  1. Turiu klausimą - ar tą kremą gali gauti jau esantys lojalumo kortelės turėtojai ir ar būtina kažką pirkti kad gautum kremą? Gavau tą kuponą, bet šiek tiek likau nesupratusi sąlygų :(

  2. Sveika, kremą gauna nauji(nesantys lojalumo nariais) klientai. Nereikia nieko pirkti, kad jį gautum, tiesiog pateikti kupooną :)

  3. Tai jei aš nesu nauja klientė ir nusiunčiau tą žinutę, tai gauti kremo negaliu? :(

    1. Taip, nes ši akcija skirta pritraukti naujų klientų :) P.s. jeigu kadanors pirkai prekių, tačiau tavo duomenų jie nesusivedė, t.y. jei nesi lojalumo narė, kremą pasiimti gali :)