Hello guys. It's been a while. I cannot find my camera charger, that's why I cannot post anything. So sorry for the quality, but I couldn't wait to post this. Yeah. I got some things from our online shop called pigu.lt. I have been shopping there since my boyfriend started working there and we got an employee discount, because with it, most of the things (even cosmetics) are cheaper than in the shops. The only downside is that you cannot check it before buying. What I do is, I go to the shop and check them out and then order online.

This time I got some beauty items. Firstly I got this Bioderma sensibio micellaire water for half the price. I already tried it and I have to say that it does remove make up wery well, but I did not see any other advantages yet. 

2nd thing I got was this MaxFactor Facefinity all day flawless 3in1 foundation. It is medium/light coverage, light texture, easy to apply foundation, but the color is just not for me. I took a picture with a flash and I literally looked like a dead man. 

I also got this Treaclemoon "My coconut island" body butter. I was very disapointed with this one. the texture is bearable, but the scent... So sintetic. At least for me.

I also wanted to try out this Manhattan eyemazing eyeshadow cream in color 1 light luxury. I really liked everything about this product, the color, the texture, everything, but I am not sure that it suits me well yet.

One of the last items I got was these Pure age dediance cleansng wipes. They say that it helps to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Well haven't noticed that yet, but I got them because I like having wet wipes and I find the super handy. Plus it was very cheap, so why not, right? P.s. the scent of these is just divine. I haven't owned wet wipes smelling that good!

And the last item are these simple cotton pads by Cleanic. Nothing much to say about them, you know the drill. 

By the way, I want to thank you guys for staying in touch, checking everyday for the new post, I was very surprised to see so many views everyday without posting everything. Thank you!


  1. Bandžiau ir aš tą MaxFactor krempudrą... Bent man pasirodė nieko gero :( Tikiuosi, Tau bus kitaip :)

    1. Na siaip kaip ir visai nieko atrode, dar ir tonu tamsesne gavau, taciau su blykste nusifotografavus, kaip lavonas atrodziau :/ tad tariu ne ne ne siai pudrytei