Hello ladies. Can you believe that it's already spring and very soon we will be able to walk with leather jackets on and ripped jeans? Ohh can't wait. Ok enough of the weather talk, today I want to share with you is the review of the last item I got from Bioteka.
It's this natural travel size kit, that contains:
30ml. Blood orange & vanilla body wash
30ml. blood orange & vanilla body milk
30ml. citrus & neroli detangler
30ml. lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair

All of these products smell devine. Especially the body milk. Ahh... Despite the fantastic smell, I didn't find something extraordinary about the body wash and milk, they are great, but nothing exclusive. I used up one bottle in one wash, so I guess you might see some results when using them more. By the way the smell of the body milk stays very very long and leaves skin very soft! I can tell the same about the shampoo. My hair are pretty dry, so I need some extra moisturizing and hidration for my hair. 

The product that left me speechless was this citrus & neroli detangler. Oh my, this product is booming in my hair care routine. I totally fell in love with it and cannot live without. Just seconds ago I washed my hair and used up the last few drops of the product. It is very lightweight organic conditioner with lots of oils. As you can tell from it's name, it detangles hair and it does it damn well. I also noticed that it makes my hair straigter, because I apply like 10 minutes after washing my hair and dried with a towel. It actually works better than all of these "straightening creams and sprays. At least for my hair. Now I am craving for the full size of this product. Whyyyy... 

All in all this kit is perfect for people that want's to try out John Masters organics products, but do not know where to start or wish to buy foolproof products. Also this is great for traveling, cause the sizes are great and you get a bag for these goodies that you can reuse in other trips even if these products are long time gone. 

You can get them here or in Bioteka shops. So thankfull for Bioteka for the chance to try out these products and I am mad, because you got me addicted to this detangler. 

P.s. it took me a while to use it up, because you only need a bit of it!

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