Another shameful post. Sorry girls, but I feel the need to talk about this. To be three-four years ago I didn't know anything about intimate care products, why you might need them or what so ever. Water worked for me and I was just thinking it is just another way to spend money on something you do not really need. Why everything changed, you ask? Well, probably only my point of view. We use soap for our hands, so why we aren't using anything for our lady parts (or even for boy parts).

First thing that comes to my mind, when thinking about intimate care, are intimate wash. I have 2 of them at the moment and the one I like most is this Gentleday one. It has better ingredients than other, the scent is bearable and it's LITHUANIAN ofcourse. The downside is that it has salt in it, not as much as the other, but still. Salt dries out the skin and no one want's that, right?

The other wash I use it his Femfresh one. I am running out of this one, but I won't repurchase it again. I hate the scent, it's very rosy and granish smelling. Yuck. I like the applicator, it is easier in the shower with this one, but the ingredients are just awful. It has lots of salt, alcohol and stuff. 

Also I find intimate wipes very handy. I am using the third pack already of these Femicare ones. It has castor oil in it and no salt! The summer is coming and I find these wipes super handy at that time of the year. In Lithuania we like to have sleepovers in the forest or near the lake, so when you need to pee or before going to sleep, instead of shower, these are irreplaceable. 

Lithuanian brand Gentleday makes ecological intimate wet wipes with a lot of aloe vera, castor oil, vitamine e and many more good things, so it will not only make you feel clean and fresh, but also will make your skin soft. 

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