Hello ladies. If you're following me on instagram (juodaplunksna), you probably know that this morning I got two new products from Garnier. These products just reached the shop shelves and I was lucky enough to try them out. This is going to be a first impression post, because I was very curious to try them out and my oppinion might change.

First of all I tried this miracle skin cream for anti-aging. And it sais that it has micro-pigments, removes redness and fights wrinkles and other age marks. At first, the cream is white and after blending it into the skin, the pigments start to show the color. It is auto-adjust formula, that agjusts to your skin type, and I have to agree, it does adjust in 3-5min. I was very suprised that I couldn't see any redness on my cheecks instantly.

Did a simple make-up.

Afterwards I wanted to try out and compare Garnier Micellar water and Bioderma one. They turned out mostly the same, but I have to say that Garnier one removes mascara a bit better, but they both leave just a bit sticky face for a moment, the face is fresh and clean. But ofcourse the Garnier is probably half the price of the Bioderma one. Comparing the ingredients, I have to say that I am dissapointed that Garnier one has alcohol in it and it tends to kill the cells over time. But the pink one of Garnier, does not have alcohol in it. 

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