Hey, guys! Today I had one of the biggest hair fails ever. I've heard so many good things about banana hair mask, so I went for it today. And now I have banana bits stuck in my hair and I cannot get them out. I washed my hair three times already. Ahh I am so pissed. I think the main problem was that I did not blended it perfeclty, because as you can see, it has these bit. I was so stupid to think that they will wash out. Silly me.

I've used:
1 banana
1 tbspoon of honey
2tbspoons of olive oil
1teaspoon of cinamon
1teaspoon of lime juice
2tbspoon of milk

After today, I do not want to see any bananas in my way for a while. Believe me, you don't wanna mess with that. If you still wish to use this mask, make sure you blend it to perfect puree.

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