Hello, ladies. I am 21 already! It might sound silly, but I do feel older every year. For this birthday, my boyfriend insisted we go back to our hometown, Šilutė.
We came back on friday evening, went to sleep and saturday was my big day. I spent the morning with my family, then my friend's mom came to congratulate me from her and my friend. Then me, my brother, my boyfriend and his parents went to this restaurant/pizza/chinese place and ordered our favorite Gua Bao chicken. After lunch we headed to the seaside, 50km drive. I have never been to this place, called Olando kepure/Holland's hat. It is a cliff with a beautiful view. We walked down the seaside, took some pictures and wanted to head home, but we got a call from my boyfriend's aunt, who lives in Klaipeda/seaside and she invited us to join their family for sauna. When we were heading there, our car's tire snag a bolt and we tried to find a car service that works on saturday evening. When we found one, my boyfriend and his dad quickly removed the tire and after it was fixed, put it back on. Thankfully nothing bigger happened. When we came to the sauna place, we saw that there is a pool and jacuzzi. We spent such a lovely time there. My skin was babysoft after all the procedures.

I got so many flowers, that now our apartment looks like a flowershop. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful day, I wish you all the best for your birthday :)