Hello ladies. If you're following me on instagram (juodaplunksna), you probably know that this morning I got two new products from Garnier. These products just reached the shop shelves and I was lucky enough to try them out. This is going to be a first impression post, because I was very curious to try them out and my oppinion might change.



|LT| Žiema baigėsi, tačiau mano sausa ir jautri oda vis dar prašo papildomo drėkinimo. Neseniai pradėjau naudoti šį LaMav naktinį kremą su Omega-3 ir esu begalo patenkinta rezultatu. Jis suteikia odai drėkinimo ir hidracijos, kurios taip reikia mano odai. Tai naktinis kremas, tačiau naudoji jį ir tomis dienomis, kai lieku namuose ir noriu palepinti savo odą, neužmiršdama ir iškirptės bei kaklo zonos.

|EN| Winter is over, but my dry and sensitive skin still feel the need for more moisturizing. I started using this LaMav Nightly repair cream. I have been very satisfied witht the result, it gives me the moisture and hydration my skin needs. It is a nightly cream, but I also use it on the days I stay home, to pamper my face skin and definitely I do not forget my delcolte and neck area.



Another shameful post. Sorry girls, but I feel the need to talk about this. To be three-four years ago I didn't know anything about intimate care products, why you might need them or what so ever. Water worked for me and I was just thinking it is just another way to spend money on something you do not really need. Why everything changed, you ask? Well, probably only my point of view. We use soap for our hands, so why we aren't using anything for our lady parts (or even for boy parts).



Hello guys. It's been a while. I cannot find my camera charger, that's why I cannot post anything. So sorry for the quality, but I couldn't wait to post this. Yeah. I got some things from our online shop called I have been shopping there since my boyfriend started working there and we got an employee discount, because with it, most of the things (even cosmetics) are cheaper than in the shops. The only downside is that you cannot check it before buying. What I do is, I go to the shop and check them out and then order online.



Hey, guys! Today I had one of the biggest hair fails ever. I've heard so many good things about banana hair mask, so I went for it today. And now I have banana bits stuck in my hair and I cannot get them out. I washed my hair three times already. Ahh I am so pissed. I think the main problem was that I did not blended it perfeclty, because as you can see, it has these bit. I was so stupid to think that they will wash out. Silly me.



Hey ladies. Long time no see. I have so many posts coming up. This time about a purchase that I made few weeks ago. I have already introduced you to this lithuanian brand Vivi, that makes natural cosmetics. I fell in love with this brand from the minute I discovered it and my love continues. Recently I found out that they are doing some great advertising strategy offers. They give you a chance to try out their handcream for free and give you 40% off your purchase. So I just couldn't resist. If you want to find out how to get a 10euro worth natural handcream, stay tuned till the end of the post.



Hello ladies. Quick breakfast recipe this time. As it was an independence day in Lithuania, we had a day off. That's why the morning in our home started with these quick, easy and delicious pancake "shashlik's". I bet all of you can already guess the recipe, but I just wanted to share this idea how to make simple dish like pancake into fun and tasty snack.



Hello, ladies. I am 21 already! It might sound silly, but I do feel older every year. For this birthday, my boyfriend insisted we go back to our hometown, Šilutė.



Hello ladies. Can you believe that it's already spring and very soon we will be able to walk with leather jackets on and ripped jeans? Ohh can't wait. Ok enough of the weather talk, today I want to share with you is the review of the last item I got from Bioteka.