Hello ladies. As the February came I was tagged by one lithuanian blogger Aavahg to do a February challange, where I would have to post everyday. As I am a student and don't really have that much time, I just picked up the tags that looked the most interesting to me and I will be doing them from time to time this month. The first tag was what's in my bag tag and I am going to share the content of my bag with you guys today! I don't carry a lot of things, but I hope you will find this post interesting.

I've got this bag ages ago from George I think. Not sure though. It is pretty spacefull and easy to wear, 'cause it goes with most of my wardrobe.

1. My wallet. I got it ageeeees ago. Like five years ago or so. It is faux leather wallet with studs. As you can see after five years it still looks amazing. One stud is missing and it has few scratches, but other than that it looks good. I got it in local chinese shop, when it was closing and payed for it like 2euro or so. That's why I am so happy that it is still wearable as I was so sceptical that it won't survive even a year. 

2. Couldn't call it make up bag, because it doesn't really contain any make up products, but I keep there all things that I couldn't leave my house without. Like handcream and nail file. Thrifted!

3. That's my planner and 2 pens. I find it very handy to have 2 of them in case, you know... 

4. That would be my phone. HTC One m7. I am very very happy with it and how it performs. It is sleek, fast, well built phone.

5. My keys ofcourse. I have few keychains that I got as a present from my friends and family. My mom got me the one with my name on it. She said it's in case I wouldn't remember it lol. Also a good friend of mine got me a keychain from Roma and my godparents brought one from Venesuela. I also carry my USB with my keys and I have this light in case I need it as well.

6. I am definitelly a sweet tooth. I always have something to snack on. I just LAAAAV Kinder Bueno and Crownfield granola with peanuts and no added sugar yay. And gum of course.

1. Lithuanian handcream Rasa with coffee and almond oil. Smells delishious and sinks into handsking soo quickly.

2. No comments on that one lol.

3. Sometimes I go to sunbeds and some of them do not have these headcaps and I want to protect my hair so I always carry one with me.

4. Nail file. Like most of the girls I hate the feeling of chipped nail... Argh...

5. The body shop perfume oil Madagascan Vanilla Flower scent. Smells amazing and perfect size to carry around when you want to smell nice.

6,8. I think all girls carry this stuff around with them so no comments on this as well.

7. UogaUoga lip balm Slaptasis pirato receptas. It is very moisturizing and sinks into lips very fast so perfect for winter time.

9. Pienes pukas handcream with coconut oil. The smell again is devine. Sinks very fast and leaves no residue on your hands. Makes them soft and yadayada. Natural! Handmade! Amazing!

10. Tangle teaser. Perfect size to carry around and detangles my hair perfectly.

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Yeah girls. That's the content of my bag and "make up" bag. I am going to do a what's in my wallet tag as well. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned! Kisses :)


  1. Pastebėjau, kad tangle teaser, beveik kiekvienos rankinėje ;)) Spalva labai graži tavosios rankinės, tokia unikali :)

    1. Gal del to, kad jis labai kompaktiskas ir puikiai atliekantis savo funkcija :)) Nors turiu sia rankine jau senokai, bet tik neseniai pradejau nesioti, tad dekui :)

  2. oh I always like whats in my bag posts .... is interestin.... I have a phone lipstick and a card that's all :)

    1. That's pretty much all what's necesary for a girl, especially lipstick :D

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