Hello ladies. As you all probably know, I live in Lithuania. Currently I am living in the capital Vilnius and yesterday I went to the 2nd biggest city Kaunas. It was my first time ever there as a tourist. I have been there with my father on business trips or just passing by. So this time I thought I have to be a tourist in my own country. Because how can you explore other parts of the World without knowing the one you were lining you whole life.

The trip was very nice. The weather was a bit cold and I am a bit ill at the moment, so it wasn't as pleasant from time to time. I met my good friend there, she is studying there and she showed me around. To be honest I always like to discover the city myself, without any plans, timetables and stuff. Just scrolling around and doing what your gut says. 

Atgaila means regret and this word is made of a word sin. I think this is very effective and it gave me some thought. 

If any of you don't know, the 2nd Lithuanian religion is basketball and Kaunas is the capital of this game. There were born most famous Lithuanian basketball players, such as Arvydas Sabonis, who played in NBA.

These 2 doggies are the guards of fresh water. 

You can see the castle of Kaunas down below.

Dinner in Soya as always.

Such a sweet old sign of a man's toilette.

Freedom avenue :)


And I saw just a small part of this beautiful city Kaunas :)

By the way, I looooved these phonebooths. I find them nicer than London ones. Couldn't take my eyes off them.


  1. Man labai patinka kaunas. Fainūs studijų laikai buvo jame. Ateityje planuojam ten apsigyventi visam laikui. ;)

  2. Kaunas iš tiesų labai gražus miestas :) O tu puikių vaizdų prigaudei!

  3. Kaip gražu, kiek daug nematytų kampelių :) man visada jauku užsukti į Kauną, gražus ir šiltas miestas :)