Bonjour! I've found these Calvin Klein jeans shorts in Humana thriftshop for only 1 euro and I thought that they would be perfect for a diy. I wanted to make ripped jeans shorts, because I think that they give that awesome edgy twist to the outfit.

I really enjoy diy's and it was such a fun thing to do. It is a bit time consuming actvity, but it is definitely worth it.

I started by marking the lines where I want to cut and cut them with scissors.

Then what I did? I was picking these white threads, you all probably know what I mean. It takes some time to reach the so wanted effect. 

Despite the fact that I didn't wanted a lot of rip offs, I am not completely satisfied with the result. I think I will rip bit more and I want to make kind of wornout effect with bleach. I think I will update the result in the future.

Hope you enjoyed my diy. Have you ever did a fashion diy? How it turned out? :)


  1. Mano manymu vistiek kazko truksta ;)

    1. Kaip jau ir minejau, nubalinsiu vidurius, atrodys labiau panesioti :)