I bet all of you have heard about konjac sponges. I found out about them very recently and thought I need it. It is natural, made from konjac root fiber, it is exfoliating, calming, cleansing sponge.
I use it alone or with my Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing milk. Even used alone, it feels like something is on your skin, like cream, but lighter, because it leaves your skin soft, fine and tender. I got mine in Drogas store, but I bet you can get it in any drugstore. I payed for it 2 euros.

It has a soft side and a bit rougher. 

Information about the sponge in Lithuanian.

All you need to do is place the sponge in warm water and wait till it soaks the water and gets a lot bigger. Then gently clean your face with it. After use just rinse it with clean water and leave in wll ventilated room.

I am very happy with this sponge and use it everyday!

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  1. Kaip tik ieškojau kempinėlės veidui ir šią matau pirmą kartą labai sudomino ir lėksiu ieškoti tokios ar kažko panašaus ;))