Hello ladies. I wanted to share my thoughts about this Essence CC (clear and correct) cream. As you all probably know, cc creams are lighter than BB creams, has lighter coverage and correct the uneven skin, like mine.
I got it in the lightest shade and it totally matches my skin colour. It is very easy to apply the product on your skin with your fingers or a sponge. It glides through the skin and makes it even. As I was choosing BB or CC cream, my friend told me that it couldn't be good, because it's cheap and that all essence products are for beginners or teens. And as I told you in the post I shared that I bought this product, I wasn't willing to invest in product, that I don't know if I am going to be using it a lot. And my friend was wrong. Comparing this and LaMav BB cream, I have to say that this is much better for me. The shade is better, application is better and it doesn't really see that I am wearing something on my skin, and that's what I was looking for. The price is ridiculously low and would defintelly recommend it to people like me, that doesn't wear make up that often and just want's to have something for those days of "beauty", if I could say that. 

Idk what's on my lips, pictures look a bit darker on my computer than on blogger

Please, don't mind the background and my appearance. I am wearing only CC cream, Dr. Hauschka Quince Day cream and L'oreal Lumi Magique highlighter, no powder.


  1. Na, lyginti La Mav ir Essence sudėtinga, vien jau dėl to, jog La Mav sudėtis - nepalyginamai geresnė plius ekologiška, dėl ko tokia ir kaina :) Nors sutinku, jog Essence turi puikių produktų, ypatingai atsižvelgiant į kainą. Šio CC kremo mėginti neteko, tačiau nuotraukose atrodo puikiai :)

    Kosmetikos užrašai

    1. Taip, del sudeties sutinku, taciau lyginau pati naudojima, spalva, uztepima :)