Hello, beauties! What a beautiful sunday morning, isn't it? Perfect time to relax, make yourself a cup of tea, apply a face cream and relax for some time. I was sent this amazing Dr. Hauschka natural/organic face care kit by bioteka. Used it everyday since. Probably most of you already know about Dr. Hauschka products and you surely know that it is kind of expensive. So how can you buy something only because of descripsion? There's where this wonderful kit comes handy. It contains of tree face creams, one toner and two cleansing products.

As you can see, I have used up these three face creams. My favourite would have to be the Rose day cream. It is very rich, moisturizing, perfect for dry and sensitive skin like mine. It takes some time t sink in, but after it does, the skin is left soft and nice looking. Also I liked the Quince day cream. It sinks in faster than rose one, but it moisturizes just a bit less. Hmmm... Revitalizing day cream. I am not sure about this one. The texture is different, It is more watery than creamy and that was a downside for me. It seems like a regular cream didn't feel much of a difference while using it.

All of the products smell very eco-like, floraly and herbaly. It is not irritating at all.
Toner. It was a nice experience using it. I used it after cleaning my face with konjac spongeand before day cream application. My face skin felt refreshed, toned and ready to rock. I've noticed that mynose blackheads have started leaving me, but I am not sure if it was because of toner, konjac sponge or my superdrug facemask, or maybe the combination of these products. 

I've used cleansing milk and cleansing cream in the evenings to clean my face, neck and decollete and prepare them for beauty sleep. Looved the cleansing milk. It removed make up in just few seconds and do not irritate eyes or sensitive skin like mine. And it is made of natural and organic ingredients, like all Dr. Hauschka products. 

The packaging is so sleek, expensive looking and handy

wish I could get back in time and use them again :/

This kit is perfect for those people, who travels a lot and loves dr. hauschka products; who want's to try out Dr. Hauscka products, but are not sure if they might like it or if they would fit them; also this set would make a perfect gift for natural products lover.


  • Truly natural and/or organic cosmetics, certified to NATRUE and/or BDIH standards
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

The Face Care Kit contains:

  • 10 ml Cleansing Cream
  • 10 ml Soothing Cleansing Milk
  • 10 ml Facial Toner
  • 5 ml Revitalising Day Cream
  • 5 ml Quince Day Cream
  • 5 ml Rose Day Cream 
I am sooo thankful Bioteka for the opportunity to try out these natural/organic products and hope someday I can afford the full size Rose day cream. If you are interested in this particular kit or Dr. Hauschka products in general, you can find more information here and buy them here

Bye guys,  I am going to clean my face with cleansing cream now! :)))


  1. Kaip tau gerai, turbūt čia dabar kiekviena norėtume gaut pabandyt tokį rinkinuką :)

    1. Tikrai labai džiaugiuosi šia galimybe :)

  2. Aš labai mėgstu Dr. Hauschka kosmetiką ir per Kalėdas gavau jų rinkinuką kūnui. Tiesa, nuo draugės :))
    O veidui kadaise naudojau visą liniją, tai iš ties super priemonės. Planuoju po truputį vėl prie jų grįžti, nes efektas vertas kainos.


  3. Rinkinukas atrodo labai gražiai ir prabangiai, o jei dar ir poveikis puikus, tai išvis super :)