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Salut! It is almost weekend, ladies. Do you have any plans? I am going to my godfathers birthday party. Can't wait. Haven't gone to a party since forever. And today's post is going to be short. I just wanted to share few things I picked up yesterday.
So here they are:

The first item I want to share with you is this highlighter by L'oreal Paris. It is theirs Lumi Magique. I guess I don't have to introduce you to it, because I am sure y'all know it. I had so many doubs about it. I wanted to get it for like few months, but I wasn't sure I need or I will use it or I don't know. Know that I have it, I wonder why I waited so long. I am a student, so sometimes I don't get enough of sleep and my eyes turn into blueberries and who want's that, right? I picked up the lightest shade, to get the truly highlighting effect. It is blending easily, do not creases and yeah only good things about it. I know most bloggers and vlogger rave about it and I am probably the last one to try it out, but if you haven't already tried it, I recommend you do that. 

I also got this Syoss keratin shampoo. It was on offer so got it, despite the fact that it contains salt and some other bad ingredients. It does have quite a lot of keratin, but it might be concealed by the salt. I hope not & wish it would work on my hair. 

I got few pairs of socks too. I know thats so random, but I still included it into my haul. I always get these Seven lemon socks when they are on offer and they are now in our supermarket Maxima. It was half the price, soo inexpensive. 

I picked up this Superdrug mud mask. I needed something for my blackheads and I've heard many good things about it, so I couldn't resist. The fact that is was only 2 euro also didn't impede. It is paraben free, contains pretty good ingredients, oils, fruit extracts and stuff and is against testing on animals. I already tried it and I have to say that it smells INCREADIBLE. I was literally sniffing it for an hour. The smell is like raspberry yogurt. Would certainly recommend it as well.


I also got them 2 black tablemats you see in most of the pictures. Got them in thriftshop Humana for 0.5euro each. I am sooo happy about it. How crazy it is that tiny things like that makes me more happier than the bigger ones. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo because of thet. Hope I'm not the only one.


  1. Kojines tai labai patinka, super rastas ;)


  2. Great haul dear! All of the products seems so nice and great! <3 thanks for sharing :)) thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    Let me know if you want us to follow each other <3

    love lots,


  3. Ta kaukė... nusipirkau ją, galvoju išbandysiu, kai užsitepiau, laabai patiko kvapas. :D bet kai nusiploviau ir pamačiau, kad veidas raudonas, suklykiau.. :DD atrodė baisiai, bet kaukės poveikis visai patiko. :)

    1. :DD Na man po valomuju kaukiu visad veidas parausta, nes gana plona veido oda, bet manau tai naturalu, jei aisku tau neivyko kokia alergine reakcija :D Kvapas tikrai nerealus, kaip avieciu jogurto, taip primine vasara (mm) :)

  4. Labas, na ir kaip Superdrug kaukė po ilgesnio naudojimo? Vis svarstau ar jau laikas įsigyti:) Visur tik geri atsiliepimai apie ją ar čia gal tik pirmasis bandymas toks :)

    1. Labas, na naudoju ja kas tris dienas kazkur, tai galiu pasakyti, kad tikrai isvalo oda, ji pasidaro svelni, minksta, siek tiek isvale tuos juoduliukus ant nosies, tad esu labai patenkinta. Aisku kazko, nezinau, magisko nedaro, bet uz tokia kaina, tai tikrai manau verta isbandyti :)