Hello ladies, its been a while. I am done with my exams and look forward of making new posts. As you can see from the title, it's going to be a review of mascara called Kate by Rimmel London. So this Kate Moss line has bee pretty recent and it contains lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara. I saw this mascara on Pigu.lt, it's lithuanian online shop and I was intrigued by the shape of the brush and I thought it could really be a perfect mascara, that would apply easily and curl the lashes. But sadly it aint like that at all.

As you can see, mascara doesn't cover the whole eyelashes

Rimmel sais that this mascara doesn't form clumps, but actualy it does. You need 2 coats of mascara to get usual effect or keep brushing your lashes for quite a while, which is annoing for people like me, that really want's everythng to be done quickly. I find it hard ro apply mascara out of the centre area of the lashes. It isn't waterproof, which is another negative thing for me, because I hate black undereyes. I had it on for like 3 hours and creased a bit and it smeared my upper eye lid. So I would definitely not recommend this mascara for you, even if it costs less than 3 euro. 

There you can see how 2 Rimmel mascaras reflected on the paper when I pressed them. The second one is Rimmel Scandaleyes and I usualy use them.

The one thing that I liked about this mascara was it's weight. It is pretty light and doesn't really feels like wearing any mascara on your lashes.

Let me know if you liked this review or if you tried this mascara and what's your oppinion on it? :)) Have a great friday y'all! Kisses


  1. Davai padaryk tušų daugiau reviews'ų :D

  2. Scandal Eyes man tikrai patiko, kaip tik norėjau ir Kate tušą išbandyt, gaila, kad toks nevykęs, nes šiaip tai šepetėlio forma visai įdomiai atrodo, ir buteliukas gražus... Bet kas iš to, jei blogai dažo :)

    1. Viskas dar butu gal ir nieko, bet dienos pabaigoje man pradejo labai akis kaip skaudeti, dirginti. Niekada nebuvo taip atsitike, tik butent ta diena, kai naudojau ta tusa. Kiek skaiciau atsiliepimu, jau nusipirkus tusa, pamaciau, kad ne man vienai tokie "efektai" pasireiske. :)

  3. Sveika, nominavau Tave Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Jei idomu, lauksiu posto :)