Hey ladies. Today is three kings day here in Lithuania and Christmas decorations are supposed to go down and it's really sad, because it's the best part about winter for me. I have been doing some shopping yesterday and today. To be honest, yesterday I picked up these jeans from Mango and afterwards I went sunbedding and forgot the bag there. When I came back, after realising I forgot it, it went missing. So lucky someone for making my day horrible. After sunbed I went to Eurokos drug store where they have these humongous sales. Check out what I got.

♫ ♪ Peggy Lee - Fever ♫ ♪

This is Creightons vanilla and macadamia bath and shower cream. This is seriously amazing stuff guys if you like sweet scents and actualy it smells like candyfloss. Isn't it great?

The second bath cream was from Johnson's. Its be fresh and retreat pineapple and lilly aroma cream, which I thought was great for quick shower.

Also I picked up this Nivea volume sensation shampoo. It's not the healthiest choise, but I wanted some volume on my hair so I gave it a go.

Fourth thing I want to show you is this aroma oil eucalyptus for bath. It's great to put while taking a bath and it will give this nice euclyptus scent. You can use it with candle light aswell to give your home this scent.

And the last bit I got yesterday was this Eveline Q10plusR Active thermal mask. It is suppose to clean your face and give it a nice glow. I hope I won't be dissapointed by this.

Today I went to The body shop, because I saw that from today (lucky me) they have the raspberry body butter which I was craving about for like more than half a year since the minute I smelled it. Sadly here, in Lithuania till today they didn't had this scent and I was so sad because of that. And luckily they have the whole line now only for sales. The sales assistant told me that they will be discontinued afterwards.


Also I picked up another jeans from Mango, I was so sad about my loss of yesterday ones so my boyfriend sent me to buy another ones. I picked up these Broadway grey skinny highwaisted jeans. Can't wait to wear them.

Hope you enjoyed the haul and have a nice the rest of the week guys. Kisses

`p.s. this is in no way of bragging, personally myself, I enjoy watching hauls and I find them useful.

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