Hello everyone. Most of you probably don't understand the title of the post. Long story short: Lithuanians are kind of in a hypo of making stylish and fashionable goods, one of them - handmade leather bags. There are quite a few new brands up there making wonderful pieces and it may be pretty hard to choose which one to get. All of them have quite similar designs and few different, their staple, signature designs, in my oppinion. So this post is going to be my personal thoughts on these bags.


This leather handcrafted goods brand was created in 2013 and is probably the most known out there. In my oppinion, their styles are quite street style like, not ladylike, chic at all, but they look well made, sturdy. The colour range is silly for me, as two colours (for handles and the bag) are different coloured and it looks like the shades are chosen randomly on some bags (not all ofc.) (eg. in pictures). But the leather and the quality look the best of these GP bags. The prices are not low, but the quality beats it, I think. My favourite is the last one. More info.:



This brand was created in 2014. I love how simple and feminine the designs are. The colours are so well picked. Besides bags, they make awesome purses and phone cases too. Their signature bag is the last one and it's my favorite one as well. More info.:


This brand was found in 2013 September. Their pieces are so simple and yet elegant and chic. They make bags, backpacks, purses and scarfs too. The signature bag of theirs are these so called luch bags. They are my favorite as well. The colours of these goodies are just mind blowing, especially asphalt suede ones. More info.:

Lunch bag


It was found in 2013. Their bags are colourful, playful and for those who don't want to be in the grey mass. They aren't my cup or tea, but maybe some of you like this kind of bags? More info.:


This brand was started in 2010. They make gorgeous classy handbags, backpacks, purses and cluches. I loove them all. More info.:


Kartu makes bags for gourmets, as they say. Their bags are called after food, eg. Chocolate. Simple and well made. More info.:

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever heard of these brands? I would be happy If you would write your oppinion on these bags and on leather bags in general. See you soon. Kisses!


  1. Turiu Marga Masė kuprinę iš naujos kolekcijos su katinu. Negaliu atsidžiaugt. Gal ir gaila, kad ne odinė, kita vertus ji tokia puiki, kad nėra ko kabinėtis :)

  2. Lietuviai tiesiog pakvaišo. Žinoma geraja prasme. Mano mylimiausi Distyled ir ToksVisoks. Žinoma kainos gana aukštos. Bet tikriausiai verta investuoti į kokybiška prekę.