Ok guys. Moment of truth here. Since the very childhood I had redness on my cheeks. I was always diffident about myself because of that and the only dream I had was to have even skin, without any redness. I tried many things: natural and cosmetics, but it seemed that nothing worked for me. Until I got my hands on this Bioderma AR(Anti redness) cream. I've used it for 2 months or so and I can really tel the difference here. Of course when it's hot or cold my cheeks get red, but it looks better and more even than it was. I am definitely going to continue using it and I hope I will reach the point when I will be totally satisfied with my skin.

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You can really see my redness here / before using Bioderma AR

It's after 1month of using Bioderma AR & it was pretty cold as you can tell from my hands
I am not happy talking about this problem of mine, but I hope it will be usefull some girls with the same problem. Don't be affraid, you are not alone. :)


  1. Pfff... Turiu tave paguosti... Mano oda yra labai sviesi. Ir turiu daug kartu raudonesnius zandukus :( Naturaliomis salygomis jie buna raudoni, o kai salta, jie keicia spalva i violetine :) Tau tavo zandukai labai graziai atrodo, bet jei ju nenori, tave suprantu. Susidomejau tuo biodermos tepaliuku. Teks ir man pabandyt :)

    1. Labai aciu uz tokius padrasinancius zodzius :) Tikriausiai tiesa, kad kiekvienai savos problemos atrodo didziausios ir net neabejoju, kad daug kam ir tavo zandukai atrodo graziai. O juk dauguma merginu specialiai raudonina zandukus, kad atrodytu gyvibingesnes, grazesnes :)

  2. Man labai patinka skaityti tokius žmonių išgyvenimus. Patiko įrašas.