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Salut! It is almost weekend, ladies. Do you have any plans? I am going to my godfathers birthday party. Can't wait. Haven't gone to a party since forever. And today's post is going to be short. I just wanted to share few things I picked up yesterday.



Me & my hair few years ago

Hello ladies. I know most of you read my blog because of my tips about hair. And today you are lucky. This post is going to make you the Steve Jobs, the Einstein of natural homemade hairmasks. Probably you ask youself how am I going to do that? It's pretty simple. All you need to know is the products and how they can benefit your hair. Carry on reading and find out all of the secrets.



Sweater-NewLook, Shirt-George, Jeans-Mango, Shoes-H&M,Necklace-Primark




Hello ladies, its been a while. I am done with my exams and look forward of making new posts. As you can see from the title, it's going to be a review of mascara called Kate by Rimmel London. So this Kate Moss line has bee pretty recent and it contains lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara. I saw this mascara on Pigu.lt, it's lithuanian online shop and I was intrigued by the shape of the brush and I thought it could really be a perfect mascara, that would apply easily and curl the lashes. But sadly it aint like that at all.



Hey guys. I know lots of you have made new year goals and wishes and one of mine was to have less, but with better quality, than more and rubbish. As the spring is nearly here (well, not nearly, but I can dream that it is, right?) I want to share with you my "less is more" outfits for everyday wear. No chunky heels, statement necklaces, no more colour mixing and just clean, simple, chic outfits.



|LT| Sveikos merginos, moterys. Šiandien labai moteriška tema. Prieš kelias dienas gavau begalo daug produktų iš ekologiškos lietuvių įmonės Gentleday. Pamaniau, kad įdomiau bus, jei ne aprašysiu visus produktus, o padarysiu mažyti testą/eksperimentą. Jei kuriom iš jūsų tokios temos neaktualios ar kelia šleikštūlį - tiesiog praleiskite šį įrašą. Eksperimentas turės tris fazes. Pirmojoje tikrinsime sukibimą paketo su stalu, antruoju ant paketų pilsiu vienodą kiekį vandens(sumaišyto su valgomaisiais dažais) bei tikrinsime sugėrimą ir trečiąja faze su tuoletiniu popieriumi tikrinsiu ar paketas praleidžia drėgmę ir kaip yra jaučiamasi.

|EN| Hey ladies. Few days ago I got loaaaads of products to test out from lithuanian ecobrand GentleDay. I thought why not to do a test on them and figure out are they better than the ones I use. I know it might be awkward for some of you, so just scroll down if you're not interested. I am going to experiment with the pads. The experiment will have three phases. First of all I am going to stick them to the table to see the adherence of the stickers on pads, then I will pour the same amount of water(with edible dye) on the bads and check the absorbtion of the pads and then minute later I will put a paper towel on them with handpressure to see the humidity and dampness of the pads. So let's get to it.



Bonjour! sweeties. Am I the only one who's favorite time of the year are spring and autumn? It's hot enought to enjoy the light clothes without your legs sticking to each other (I just hate that!) and not too cold so you would have to wear coats and stuff. Can't wait for the spring to come, btw I am going to be 21 this March 7th. Yay!

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|LT| Sveikos moterytės. Šiandien norėčiau papasakoti apie šaunų ekologišką produktą. Kadangi nesu iš tų merginų, kurios kiekvieną dieną atsikelia valanda anksčiau, kad galėtų užsitepti kreminę pudrą, maskuoklius, paakių šviesintojus, ryškintojus, blakstienų tušą ir dar daugybę kosmetikos produktų, todėl renkuosi tik lengvos konsistencijos, nedaug maskuojančius produktus. Visai neseniai be proto išpopuliarėję grožio (BB) kremai prasiskynė kelią į daugelio merginų kosmetines, aš - ne išimtis. Visai neseniai turėjau galimybę išbandyti La Mav ekologišką BB kremą pigmentuotai, netolygiai odai. Šis kremas yra su natūralia apsauga nuo saulės, kas padės dar labiau kovoti su pigmentacija. Tinka visiems odos tipams ir atspalviams, nes net per porą minučių prisitaiko prie Jūsų veido odos. Pati tuo įsitikinau. Taip pat šis kremas, kaip ir dauguma kitų La Mav produktų kovoja prieš senėjimą. La Mav yra pirmoji pasaulyje visiškai sertifikuota ekologiška veido odos priežiūros priemonių gamintoja. Mano pastebėjimai:

|EN| Hello women.  Today I want to tell you about the cool eco-friendly product. Since I'm not one of those girls who gets up every day an hour earlier to put on creamy powder, concealer, highlighter, mascara and many more cosmetic products, so I choose only light consistency, little camouflage products. Recently beauty balm  (BB became so popular and most of the girls been raving about it since, me - not the exception. Just recently I had the opportunity to try a ecological  BB cream for uneven skin. This cream has a natural protection from the sun, which will help with further the fight against pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types and colors, because within a couple of minutes it adjusts to your skin colour. I saw that with my own eyes. My observations:



Ok guys. Moment of truth here. Since the very childhood I had redness on my cheeks. I was always diffident about myself because of that and the only dream I had was to have even skin, without any redness. I tried many things: natural and cosmetics, but it seemed that nothing worked for me. Until I got my hands on this Bioderma AR(Anti redness) cream. I've used it for 2 months or so and I can really tel the difference here. Of course when it's hot or cold my cheeks get red, but it looks better and more even than it was. I am definitely going to continue using it and I hope I will reach the point when I will be totally satisfied with my skin.

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You can really see my redness here / before using Bioderma AR



Hello everyone. Most of you probably don't understand the title of the post. Long story short: Lithuanians are kind of in a hypo of making stylish and fashionable goods, one of them - handmade leather bags. There are quite a few new brands up there making wonderful pieces and it may be pretty hard to choose which one to get. All of them have quite similar designs and few different, their staple, signature designs, in my oppinion. So this post is going to be my personal thoughts on these bags.



Hello again, ladies. After today's shopping I wanted to make something sweet for my boyfriend, so when he comes back from work, he would be happy. So I made him Caneles de Bordeux and Pecan & Maple syrup danish. I will share this simple recipe with you, so you could make your man happy aswell. Let's get to it!


Hey ladies. Today is three kings day here in Lithuania and Christmas decorations are supposed to go down and it's really sad, because it's the best part about winter for me. I have been doing some shopping yesterday and today. To be honest, yesterday I picked up these jeans from Mango and afterwards I went sunbedding and forgot the bag there. When I came back, after realising I forgot it, it went missing. So lucky someone for making my day horrible. After sunbed I went to Eurokos drug store where they have these humongous sales. Check out what I got.



Hello my dear ladies. As you could guessed from the title, today I would like to show you my biggest TV series inspirations. I think that there is nothing better than warm bed, snacks and a good tv show. To be honest, I watch (and have watched) a LOT of tv shows, it's kind of my "thing" that I am craving about all the time. I know the exact days when my beloved tv series are aired and watch them immediatly if I can. So enough of the prehistory of this post and let's get to it.



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Hey buddies. Happy new year. I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration and already started realising your plans for 2015! Today me and my boyfriend went to this place called SKYPARK which is the biggest trampoline in the Europe. You can throw parties in there, they have separate rooms for that, you pay the price and you can stay there ALL DAY! Isn't that amazing? You can use the trampolines, slamball, playground, tiny bikes and etc. It's such a fun workout, I don't know if you could buy season ticket but it's definitely better that a gym. There are few pics from todays funiness lol. P.s. don't mind the appearance, we were all sweaty and hot. By the way this si the perfect place for the first date: fun, no time to talk and a lot to remember. Have a nice weekend! Kisses.