Hey beauties. It's been a while. I'm done with my uni for a while and I can write more now. Since christmas is in less than a week, I will introduce you to santa's workshop, where presents are made for the good kids. If you still don't know how to surprise your friend, family or lover, maybe this post will help you. Let's start with the idea that I was on tight budget this year and I thought I will make cute tiny presents for friends and family. As I wanted to buy lush bath bombs, I thought why not making my own? Scrolled through some diy's, instructions, reviews and I am good to go.
Here in Lithuania we have this shop called Ell muilas, where they have all the supplies for making soap, bath bombs, candles and other stuff. So I went there and I picked up citric acid powder, white clay, sweet almond oil, dyes and essentian oil. Also I went to the grocery store and picked up corn starch, baking soda and coconut oil. The supplies weren't very cheap, but some of them I will be able to use in the future as they were in a big quantity. So here's the simple recipe:

-Dry ingredients
8tbsp. of baking soda
4tbsp. of white clay
4tbsp. of  citric acid powder
1-2tbsp. of seasalt or Himalayan salt
-Wet ingredients
1tbsp. of almond oil
1tbsp. of coconut oil
0.5 of tbsp. of any other oil
1-3 drops of food dyes
2-3 drops of essential oil

First of all mix up all dry ingredients in a glass bowl. Then in a seperate bowl mix up all the dry ingredients and pour it into the glass bowl with the dry mixture. Gently mix up everything and form your bath bombs.  Let them sit for 1-2 days before use. Enjoy!

Picture from the first production of bath bombs
I thought I will pack my presents in seethrough paper and add some dehidrated lemon and orange slices. It looks soooo adorable. Don't you think? 

Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you got some inspo for your gifts. By the way, maybe any of you has similar packing of diy gift ideas? If you do, feel free to post them in the comments section. See you soon guys! :)


  1. Puiki ideja, tikrai reikes pabandyti , niekados nedariau ;)

  2. Niekada nebūčiau pagalvojus, kad tai galima ir pačiai pasidaryti :) Būtinai bandysiu! Ačiū, kad pasidalinai :)