Hey beauties. It's been a while. I'm done with my uni for a while and I can write more now. Since christmas is in less than a week, I will introduce you to santa's workshop, where presents are made for the good kids. If you still don't know how to surprise your friend, family or lover, maybe this post will help you. Let's start with the idea that I was on tight budget this year and I thought I will make cute tiny presents for friends and family. As I wanted to buy lush bath bombs, I thought why not making my own? Scrolled through some diy's, instructions, reviews and I am good to go.



Hello beauties, the title may sound funny, but the truth is that 70% of women do not know how to get the most from their hairwash. They may do some things right, but also do some of them wrong. And today I want to share this with you because I started my blog mainly because I got asked to share my knowledge on how I grow my hair so long. To start with I should tell you that as always, some of the things may be not as good for you as it was for me, mainly because I have dry hair and some things won't be necessary for those who has oily hair. So let's begin. I am gonna just point things out, so it would be easier to read and to follow for you.