Hey hello sup everybody. With the first snow here in Lithuania, comes the smell of Christmas. The time of the year that was supposed to be about love, family, bonding, forgiving and so. And ofcourse - gifts. I made few collages with pictures of things I would love to get in the Christmas morning or just to purchase during the winter season.
As I am addicted to perfume, I want few of these. Well, none of them are winter scents, but I just cannot take them out of my head. Also I would like some cute puffy knits and I find Sheinside ones as my style of sweaters. A huge part of my wishlist takes Vivi products. Vivi is a Lithuanian cosmetics brand that makes natural cosmetics. They have such a huge range of products and I have been obsessed with Vivi since I got to try their Hair tonic. I was gazing at a lot of Zara booties and I hope to get at least one pair from the list. Hope you will enjoy the wishlist and get any sort of inspiration.

If you wonder where certain things are from, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments down bellow.

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