Once upon a time I had short hair. They were dry and growing really slowly. One time I went to the super market and saw this gorgeous woman with extremely long and beautiful hair. And I said to myself „I want my hair to be that long“. From that moment something magical happened. 
My hair became the most precious thing in the whole wide world. I started surfing on the internet to find out the ways to help my hair grow and make them shinier, softer and so on. After years and years of research and the marathon of growing my hair, I finally have my hair to be the exact lenght as I wanted. It took me about three years of extreme love and care to my hair. As they began growing faster and faster, everyone kept asking me how I grew my hair so long, what products I used and many more questions, so I thought I should share my knowledge with those who are interested in having longer hair.
            Now it is time for the action. First of all have in mind that these are just some basic steps, that will help you, but also you have to find the products that fits you hair too. . So here are the ten steps towards longer and better looking hair:
1.     The first and the most important rule is to LOVE YOUR HAIR no matter what. You have to be the guard,  the saviour. Every time you are going to bed or dressing up or doing any kind of movement that is connected to your hair you have to think about them first. You would ask how dressing up is connected to your hair. While dressing up, you are putting the material of clothing onto your hair and you’re making it electrified and all tangly, so the first step of doing any kind of movement, make sure you grab and hold your hair first to make sure nothing bad happens.
2.     The second advice would be to try not to dye  your hair, especialy in blond. Dyeing makes your hair dry and destroys your real haircolour. So try to avoid it or choose a darker colour.
3.  The next thing I would advise you is not to wash your hair everyday. I know that sometimes it is not possible but washing you hair on a daily basis is making your hair dryer and your hair looses it’s natural oil on your scalp and that is how dandruff starts to appear.
4.    Also I would advise you to throw out your dryer, straightener and curler, because these devices also drys out your hair and make its ends chip and break. And you definitely do not want that, because you won’t grow your hair any longer in decades if your hair would break.
5.   Make sure you use the type of a shampoo or any kind of hair products that is your hair type. I made a huge mistake by using products for oily hair wishing I would have to wash my hair less often and that was a really bad decision because I had dry hair and I made them even dryer and less manageable.
6.     If you really want to grow your hair, you will have to forget the rule that you need to cut your hair every month or two. If your hair are healthy and ends are not chipped, there is no need to cut your hair every month. By doing that you will  obviously have to wait much longer to grow longer hair. I cut my hair once a year or sometimes even less.
7.    If you are using sunbed, always wear the provided hat. If it is not provideddo not hesitate to ask for one. Make sure you protect your hair properly. Also if you decide to use a straigtener or curler, make sure you apply the heat defence spray to it.
8.     Protecting your hair while sleeping is important too, so try sleeping with your hair being loose. By doing that you will make sure that they will tangle and break less.
9.    There are many types of hair brushes, so I would recommend using the one that is right for you and your hair type.  Brushing your hair is an important procedure too. To make your hair chip and break less, you need to know how to brush your hair properly. Start by brushing the ends very gently and carry on climbing up and up till the roots of your hair. While brushing the ends, make sure you hold hair and prevent it from falling out. Also, never go to sleep with wet hair. Always make sure you brush your hair before going to bed.
10. The last but not least advice would be to make your hair scalp massages regulary. By doing that you will fasten your hair growth and make your new hair thicker.

These ten pieces of advice will help you through your hair growing marathon. Also you need to find the best products for your hair and do not forget rule 1 – love your hair and your love will be reflected on it.

P.s. this picture is made few years ago :) 

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