Hey guys. It has been tough over the past few weeks, I had so many presentations and stuff. I obviously didn't have any time to blog, but I have been shopping lately and testing some products and I am going to start my comeback to blogging by showing you guys stuff that I got lately.

 Today me and my boyfriend got the same white low converse. We wanted to be matchy matchy for the spring-summer season. I just cannot wait to go everywhere together and rock these converse booties. Btw men converse look a bit weird to me. Am I the only one lol?

Last week I picked up this gorgeous wool navy jacket from Humana for about 30$. It is a slouchy coat and I really love it. I wanted this kind of coat for a while now and I finally have it!

Next thingy is this clothing cleaner (I really don't know how it's called lol). My future mother in law showed it to me and I just had to get it. It does all the magic if you want your coats, pants and stuff to be hair, dirt free. And it was super inexpensive.

 Then it's just a boring meter(that's how we call it here in LT)

 I also bought this hat in Humana for only 5$ and it is 100% of wool. How amazing is that? Such a bargain.
 Also I picked up these fishbone leggingpants from New Yorker. I loved the colour and the feeling of it. It is so well made and feels like cotton and it's so soft that you want to stroke your legs when wearing them. Also the matrial is not as thin as I first expected when saw them. For such a low price it's a super good deal.

Last and the least it's this deodorant which I hate. I don't know what happened, but I have such bad luck with deodorants for a while now. My armpits are not sweaty at all, but today I was wearing this Nivea deodorant and I saw swamps on my shirt... So ambarasing. I don't know if I am going to use it again. 
Hope you enjoyed my haul and I will see you guys very soon. I am sending you a pic which i took from my balcony. Beautiful Vilnius skyline.

P.s. can you imagine the look of all the clothing items in this post? I can. The coat, the pants, cat and convers. Superb


  1. Great picks Miss! And stunning view! ;)