Hey guys! Weekend is almost gone and I wish you all had a great time during the weekend. I did. My boyfriend (which I am living) asked my on a date and it was so exciting to go on a date after such a long time. It was nice to just have a meal in a cosy place in Vilnius beautiful oldtown and just chitchat for a while.
We chose Indie bar in Pylimo st. near my faculty and I don't know, the food wasn't really good. I had their blue cheese doughnuts and my boyfriend had fried potatoes with cheese. And he really didn't liked it so we changed our meals. And I have to agree, they were too spicy too eat, totaly to much of spices in one place. And it was probably the first time when I left so much food uneaten.
But oh well, we left and went to our friend's apartment to make some virgin mohitos and some snacks and had a really great time. (Happy ending lol)

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