Hey guys, finally IT'S FRIDAY! And today my boyfriend had a dayoff so we spent some time at Ikea Vilnius. We went there 'cause we needed a flowerpot for our cute white rose that has been growing really fastly and for some time we wanted to buy this super inexpensive coffe table for our new home in Vilnius. It will fit perfectly with our white ikea chest of draws we bought last month.

 Everyone knows that Ikea has the best smelling candles in the worls. I just cannot resist not buying them when passing through the candle section. Am I the only one guys?

I can already imagine those cute cocktails with cute straws being placed in this vase/bottle lol

And the best part is that all of these things were super super super inexpensive and everything costed for us only a bit more that €10. It is perfect for students like us that's trying to live on their own.

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