Evening ladies! I hope all of you are having a wonderful evening because I am. Today I received some stuff for my hair and I wanted to share with you some hairstuff and some skinstuff I got over the past three days. So let's get going.


The first thing and the most pleasing thing I got is Tangle Teezer original detangling brush. As some of you know I have dry hair and dry hair tend to tangle so I was always interested if this brush does the job and I was surprised with the result. It not only detangles my hair but also massages my hearscalp. It's really important to massage your hairscalp if you want your hair to grow faster and to be healthy. 

Next thing I got is this Biosilk silk therapy treatment in tester size. I was interested in this product for a long time and finaly got it. I am gonna try it today and I will write a review a bit later. 
One of the skincare products was this amazing hand cream by this Lithuanian brand called Rasa. It's with coffee and almond oil. I was searching for good handcream for a while and I definitely found one. It smells amazing, sinks into my skin so quickly and hydrates my dry hands perfectly. I will repurchase it again and again, but I wish there were more options on scent. But oh well, everything cannot be as you wish.

Next thing is my all time favourite cream from Nivea. I do not think there is a woman in the world that hasn't tried this cream. I always have it at my home. But I just found out (on kosmetikosDNR.lt) that it is not the safest cream so I am thinking of changing to another one.

The last thing on my haul is this Lithuanian brand Gamtos magija face cream I bought for my iodine cream diy. It is super cheap and perfect for this kind of things. Also you can buy it and put things you want in it such as olive oil or almond oil and other healthy and good stuff. And it may feel like you are creating your own face cream.

And for the end of the post I wanted to share my todays snack I made for my boyfriend. It is super yummy curd cookies. Super simple and super delicious. All you will need:
  1. 250g. of curd
  2. 200g. of room temp. butter
  3. 300g. of flour
  4. one pack of vanilla sugar
  5. white sugar for coating
Just mix those 4 ingredients all together and roll it on the table with flour. Take a glass and make the shapes of the cookies. Bend the circle twice and coat it with sugar. Bake it till it gets it's golden colour. Bon appetit!

Have a nice evening and see you soon! Xoxo


  1. Cookies are aweeeesome! Look so delicious! By the way before time I wanted to buy Tangle Teezer, but i bought Macadamia hairbrush, it is similar and amazing too!

    1. I think all of them does the same job and I got it for such a bargain so did not even think about other ones :)

  2. Kai aš įsigijau Tangle Teezer atrodė taaaip keista juo šukuotis. O dabar visos kitos šukos atrodo nebepatogios. Nors...labai norėčiau išbandyti Macadamija šepetį. Gal teko naudoti?

    1. Teko su grupiokės Macadamia šukomis šukuotis, tai manau efektas tas pats. Tiek masažuoja, tiek iššukuoja. Rinkausi Tangle Teezes, nes jam turėjau nuolaidą didesnę, nors dauguma renkasi jį, nes jis ale žinomesnis :D

  3. Och, su tais sausainiais... Ir dar ant pačio vakaro pamačiau :)))) Turbūt beprotiškai skanūs :) Laukiu daugiau receptų!


    1. Skonis tikrai nuostabus, o ir visi namai varške ir vaniliniu cukrumi kvepėjo ilgai ilgai... ah kaip pati jų dabar norėčiau :)