Hiya! Today I want to share with you guys haircare products I use that aren't natural. So these are the products and some of them are usefull and some are not.
Starting by shampoos, I do not really have the favourite one, so I always change them and now I own Garnier UtraDoux Repairing shampoo with avocado oil and shea butter which smells amazing and I bought it because of lithuanian vlogger Chanelette recommended it and I am pretty liking it, it is cheap, does it's job and smells amazing, so what else you would need from champoo, right? Afterwards I would recommend using avocado oil or Shea butter, 'cause there's no way to get better treatment than to use natural products on your hair! And for the first wash I use Johnson's baby shampoo that is pretty hard to use and very fluid. I would not buy it again definitely. And for bad hair day I just use my Batiste dry shampoo.

I forgot to mention, but once a month I wash my hair with Giovanni 50:50 balance hydrating-clarifying shampoo. It hydrates your hair and leaves your hair perfectly pH balanced and clean. I also used it before straightening my hair with CocoChoco keratin treatment.
Carrying on, sometimes I use one of these spray's. I have this Pantene Instant damage defence conditioning spray, that is suppose to protect your hair, but I wouldn't say it does. The smell of it is kind of pleasant but yeah I would not recommend it to you and I would not buy it again.
The next spray I have is this Herbal essences Bee strong strenghtening cream(but it's not cream, it's spray lol). It is suppose to protect your hair aswell and give the silky look, which it doesn't, but I have to say that it smells AMAZING! And it is worth buying only because of the smell, well and it kind of makes my hair less tanled I guess...

I also had my hair straightened with CocoChoco keratin treatment. I did it myself and now I use the rest of the treatment as hairmask. It really helps to hydrate your hair.

Next two thingies are from PhilSmith, the bigger one is called HotStuff and it's heat defence spray. I use it only when I want to straighten my hair, I apply it on all of my hair before doing that.  I do not really know if it does it's job but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The smaller one is called GlamShine and it's a glossing serum. It sais that it's high impact polish with grapeseed oil. I think I might buy grapeseed oil to see what it does for hair. So carrying on, it does what it sais on the back: gives that wanted shine for your hair and I think it kind of moisturizes them. And you only need a peasize drop of it to make your hair perfectly shiny and glowy. I use it after I straighten my hair.
It's time for hair oils. First of all let's talk about this L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil for coloured hair. It is made of 6 flower extracts to make your hair softer. I have to admit that it smells horribly and I didn't see anything from using it, it's definitely better to use any other oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, like literally any kind of oil(ofcourse not the one you use for baking).
Next one is Argan oil with maroccan argan oil extract. It is suposse to repair your hair and leave it healthy and shiny. I always use it after I wash my hair and put this oil on my toweldry hair and just let it sink into them.  

I also have this Dove intensive repair overnight creme. I use it only sometimes when I'm in the mood. And yesterday apparently I was in the mood and applied it on my hear so today it was probably the first time I saw the effect of this product. My hair were straighter, easier to handle and softer. I think I'm gonna use it again sometime. 

The last thing I have is Wellaflex heat creations straightening cream.  I think it is suppose to be used instead of hairspray for straightening. It is suppose to hold your hair in place and make it last as long as possible. To be honest I never used it, I have it for over half a year I think, but now when I held it I kind of wanted to use it so I think I am gonna do that and I will make sure I do a review of it aleter on. So stay tuned and you will see if it's usefull or useless. 

Bye bye for now ladies, see you next time. Kisses! :)

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