Happy saturday, guys! I am always into these beauty diy's. Maybe that's why I am writting this blog in the first place - because I love organic, natural & cheap beauty stuff and I tend to think that there's no need to buy those fancy and well advertised products to get good results. Also when you start to really listen to your body, it shouts for those natural goodies. I am currently studying creative industries and it is super connected to all advertising industry. Ways how to manipulate people into buying things made me so interested over the past years & that's how I know that those expensive products are mostly the same as the ones that are the cheapest. So let's get going to those 2 DIY I wanted to share with you guys.

This mask needs one tablespoon of coffee, brown sugar, olive oil & honey. Next time I wouldn't add honey, because it makes this mask so HARD to put on and stay in place. Just hold it for 10mins and carefully wash it out. It instantly makes your face softer and moist.

The next DIY would be TANNING ENHANCER
Most of the selftanners and other products, that helps to get tan contains iodine, so there's no point of wasting money in products you can make yourself and make them as intense as you wish. I've been using this enhancer for about five years so far 'cause it helps to get a tan and make it last longer. We get a better tan on the seaside because the air in there has iodine so why not help ourselves to get a better tan? All you need is some cheap face cream and iodine( you can find it in any drugstore). And the best thing about using fachial cream is that you can use it on your body too, but if you used body cream, you couldn't use it on you face, that's the golden rule. So just what you need to do is to add few drops of iodine to your cream and blend it with wooden stick. Do not worry if colour seems too intense, as you will blend it all together nicely you will get a beautiful pinkish colour and the cream will get this coffee like scent. Make sure you do not add more then four drops of iodine. You can also add some olive oil or coconut oil to make your cream richer. 

Hope you liked my diy's and see you soon :) 
P.s. I had so much fun mixin iodine into cream, made these wonderful patterns lol.

Practise makes it perfect!