Hey guys! Weekend is almost gone and I wish you all had a great time during the weekend. I did. My boyfriend (which I am living) asked my on a date and it was so exciting to go on a date after such a long time. It was nice to just have a meal in a cosy place in Vilnius beautiful oldtown and just chitchat for a while.



Hey hoo, everyone. It't the middle of the week and I hope that you're having a great time! Here in Vilnius, Lithuania, it's getting colder and colder everyday so I ran into Humana secondhand shop today and picked up some goodies for only 1euro each. Also I am gonna show some stuff I collected during past few days so it's gonna be a bit of collecting haul and I will show you what I made for my boyfriend on friday before we went to my hometown for the weekend.



Morning beauties! Today I made collages of things that I would really enjoy buying, but since I am a stundent I cannot afford it, so I will just enjoy looking at these pictures lol. Hope you will find here something you like and maybe it will inspire you for shopping.




Evening ladies! I hope all of you are having a wonderful evening because I am. Today I received some stuff for my hair and I wanted to share with you some hairstuff and some skinstuff I got over the past three days. So let's get going.



Hiya! Today I want to share with you guys haircare products I use that aren't natural. So these are the products and some of them are usefull and some are not.



Wow guys, today it is so sunny and warm here in Vilnius and it makes my mood elated. Today it was the first time when Vilnius fleamarket moved from Teachers yard to Havana club. It was also my first time at fleamarket there & I left pretty satisfied. I did not purchased anything because most of the clothing were size Small, but oh well it was nice to feel the atmosphere and to listen to nice music. Afterwards I walked through the oldtown and took some pictures and video's that I will glue all together and make (hopefully) a nice video of Vilnius :)



Happy saturday, guys! I am always into these beauty diy's. Maybe that's why I am writting this blog in the first place - because I love organic, natural & cheap beauty stuff and I tend to think that there's no need to buy those fancy and well advertised products to get good results. Also when you start to really listen to your body, it shouts for those natural goodies. I am currently studying creative industries and it is super connected to all advertising industry. Ways how to manipulate people into buying things made me so interested over the past years & that's how I know that those expensive products are mostly the same as the ones that are the cheapest. So let's get going to those 2 DIY I wanted to share with you guys.



Hey guys, finally IT'S FRIDAY! And today my boyfriend had a dayoff so we spent some time at Ikea Vilnius. We went there 'cause we needed a flowerpot for our cute white rose that has been growing really fastly and for some time we wanted to buy this super inexpensive coffe table for our new home in Vilnius. It will fit perfectly with our white ikea chest of draws we bought last month.



Do you ever feel like you are the pawn in some mad scientist's evil experiment? That your hair and the electricity it seems to attract could power a small country? Do you look like you've just seen a horrible ghost every time you take off that cute winter hat that you just bought? Well, join the club, during the winter months this is just part of life.