I probably wouldn't lie to call this oil the king because it is so helpfull at every situation. If you want to help your hair, skin and nails - you should probably always have olive oil in your kitchen.

  • Having some trouble taking your make up off? Do not stress out. Put few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad and wipe your face. After that just rinse it with warm water. But remember not to massage oil into your face cause it my cork your pores.
  • If your hair lost its shine are dry and cracked then after you wash your hair, put few drops of olive oil in your palm and carefully apply oil into the ends and go higher and higher. Do not use it on your roots.
  • Dandruff is usually caused when the scalp becomes dry and flaky, causing those unsightly white flakes.  Olive oil is a natural moisturizer.  When massaged into the scalp it will moisturize your scalp, reducing the appearance of your dandruff naturally, with no chemically laden shampoos.  Use the treatment as often as needed until the problem fades and then just once or twice a week to keep it from reoccurring.
  • Healthy hair has a natural shine.  Damaged and dry hair looks dull and lifeless but you can bring your hair back to life with olive oil.  When used as a conditioner olive oil infuses your hair with moisture, restoring it to a healthy and beautiful looking shine.
  • In a bowl of warm water add few drops of olive oil and dip your hands for five minutes. This kind of bath will soften your hand skin, cuticles and nails. Your cuticles will be softer even if you put few drops of olive oil on cotton pad and massage it into cuticle area. 
  • If your skin reacts badly into shaving creams you can use olive oil instead. Massage it into your legs, arms of anywhere you want to shave. 
  • If you like making your own skincare products at home you can make DIY bodyscrub with olive oil. In a bowl add tbspoon of oatmeal, teaspoon of salt and couple of tbspoons of olive oil. Mix it all together and massage it on your face or body. Afterwards just rinse with warm water. 

And girls, this is certainly not everything you can do with olive oil. Send me your recipes that contains olive oil and I will add them in this post so all of the girls could use and enjoy it. Have a nice weekend everyone! Kisses

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