Sup everyone. Today I had a bit of free time, so I decided to check out the new stock at humana and I found pretty nice things. Wanted to share with you guys and show you the cheaper way to get ready for fall and be stylish not spnding a bunch of money. So let's get started. Woop woop



I probably wouldn't lie to call this oil the king because it is so helpfull at every situation. If you want to help your hair, skin and nails - you should probably always have olive oil in your kitchen.



Hiya! Today everything is so perfect. The weather, the mood - everything. Not to mention that I didn't had first lecture and I could have slept more. Yay! I had one lecture today and it was in my favorite faculty - the one that's in Vilnius old town. I'm always happy when lectures are there. After lectures you can always explore the magic of old town. It's so inspiring. When I was strolling through those tiny streets of Vilnius, I popped into "Humana" sh. They are having their discount week. Today and tommorow everything is for 4LTL so I couldn't resist. I got two sweaters from GinaTricot, one GAP skirt, that I'm obbsessed about and two necklaces that I adore. I got those necklaces from Ebay and they were super inexpensive.



Hey-Diddly-Ho! everybody. I've been really busy lately. I started my first uni years at VGTU and everything was pretty rough these days: new lectures, new people, new environment, new city. As you can read from the title of the post, a lot of changes came into my life. Into this blog as well.