What's in my make up bag tag


I know this tag is pretty common among bloggers, but I'm not the typical one. I use make up like once every month or even more rarely. And by saying make up I mean liner and mascara. Once in a while I like to "play" with make up that's why I have just a little bit, nothing fancy. I am not trying to brag or anything so try not be so judgmental. I would like to start by showing you my make up bag which I got in Superdrug store. It was a pack of big stripped light pink and white bag with smaller bag with butterflies. I used the smaller one at work so stripped one went to the make up thingies. Literally all my make up fits in this bag and I do not carry it with me like other girls.

To begin with this is all of my eyeshadows. I absolutely love this collection on the right, it's so simple to use and it has directions on it. Very good for beginner like myself. I didn't really used much of the other ones, but I hope one day I will.
The next things in my bag are brushes. I have a lot of them. Got them on ebay very cheap and they really satisfies my needs. The biggest one is for my Egyptische erde from BIKOR, I know most of you know it, but those who don't - it's really tanning powder or whatever is called.


Next goes my most used items, as I said mascaras and eyeliners. I bought eyeliner and mascara from Primark and it was my mistake. Totaly useless, the eyeliner just crackes after like one hour of usage. Mascara isn't better as well. So I only use RIMMEL Scandaleyes mascara and Seventeen eyeliner.

I also have some lip glosses, lipsticks, vaselines( I put concealer because some people use it as lipstick and I didn't have where else to put it with lol). I like this seethrough essence lipgloss, it freezes your lips and it feels good, to be honest.
I have my Lancome La vie est belle perfume tester I bought from Ebay in my bag as well. As you can tell it's already empty but still leaves my make up bag smelling tasty.

And you can see what's left in my bag - buns, clips, hairpins etc. (time to clean it out lol)

P.s. am I the only one that's Egyptische erde mirror has broken? It's just so annoying, isn't it?

Hope you guys were as interested as I was doing this tag and want to thank you for requesting it and hope you all will do that more often. See you soon, kisses.

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