OOTD & SH catches


Good day everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful evening. Today like many other days I went to few secondhand shops in Lithuania's capital Vilnius. Took some pictures of pieces that I really liked and want to share with you guys my outfit of the day. Soooo let's move on. By the way all pictures are taken with my HTC one, so sorry for the quality.


I picked up that GIANNI VERSACE shirt for my beloved boyfriend (good to have a girlfriend like me,  now he has many lacoste, ralph lauren polo shirts and versace he got today lol) that costed less than 1,5$ and scottish red tartan make up bag for less than 1$, what a bargain! 

That's my outfit of the day. Bag and flats are from primark, top and sweater thrifted, necklace is from ebay as well as the phone case, legings kind of pants are from a local shop.

P.s if any of you would be interested in these yellow obre leggings just text me this address http://www.vinted.lt/narys/220107-haiku 
See you soon, kisses


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    1. nemanau, kad čia delninė, greičiau krepšelis makiažui ar kitoms reikmėms. Dar nesugalvojau kaip panaudosiu:)