HUMANA - totaly inhumane


Hey guys! Summer is gonna leave us pretty soon and that means more thrifting and shopping for us, girls. First of all I want to explain you the title of my post. Here in Lithuania "Humana" is kind of a thrift shop. Well sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. Sounds weird? It is. When new stock is being placed into the store, everything is soooo expensive in here. And still there are so many people coming and buying bunch of stuff.
Probably people from other countries would say that this is ridiculously cheap, but we are used to even cheaper prices. Personally me, I like to spend no more than few $ on a top, 2$-4$ on a dress and 4$-5$ on shoes and pants. So when you see 10$ costing top, you just laugh and leave the shop. At least that's what I do. But oh well, it's not always that pricey. I've been here once, when everything was 0.50$, but ofcourse not many wearable pieces left.
Today I went there hoping to grab a bargain, but it was a new stock day and everything was between 9$-12$, definitely too expensive for thrifts. But I wanted to share with you guys what I found (and I hope they will stay where they are till it's cheap enough for me lol).

First of all sweaters

You can really find some well known
pret-a-porter pieces. Here are some examples I've found today: H&M, Forever21, Esprit & United Colours of Benetton sweaters. How cool is that you don't have to spend a fortune on famous brand's clothing.

Next are jeans

I wish I was skinny enough to fit in these gorgeous jeans, but sadly I'm not. It's not so heartbraking to spend 10$ on a nice pair of jeans, but I rarely find a good one that would be my size.

Now comes the SHOES!

I was absolutely surprised that there are so many not wornout boots. Not all of them were my size, but still I'm amazed. Even if the timberland ones are for men, but they look totaly stunning and they are 50$, I wouldn't buy even Timberlands in thriftshop for that kind of price. I hope they will get cheaper the next time I go there.

Next pieces I want to show you guys are BAGSSSS

And last but not least

That's me walking out of the shop lol.

Hope you guys enjoyd my mini review of this lithuanian thrift shop in Vilnius "Humana". See you soon. Kisses

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