Evening everyone. Today I tried something I always wanted but didn't have enough courage to do it. It's hair lamination with gelatine. Yes, yes, the same gelatine you put in your pies and cakes. Everyone knows that gelatine is good for bones and etc. but it also gives you that lamination effect to your hair. You don't have to waste a lot of money to do that. It only costed me like 0.50LTL. 

To begin with you have to pour some hot (not boiling) water to gelatine - 1 tb spoon of gelatine and 3 tb spoons of hot water. If you have longer hair, put more. I had 4 tbspoons of gelatine and 10 tbspoons of hot water. Let it mix up all together (make sure you put a plate on top of the bowl just to be sure that water wont cold out). Go on and wash your hair as you would normally do. Then put a towel on and check on your gelatine. Put a half of tablespoon of you favourite conditioner. I put "Dove" intensive repair overnight creme, cause I don't use any conditioners or masks at the moment and a drop of argan oil. When it's all mixed up (aprox. about 20mins after) put it all over your hair, cover your head with pollybag and a towel. Hold it like that about an hour. (15-20mins of that time heat it with blowdryer). When the time has passed carefully wash out the mix from your hair and wait for it to dry. After that I brushed my hair, sprayed them with "Phil Smith" HotStuff heat defence spray, straigtened them and put a drop of "Phil Smith" GlamShine Glossing serum. 

On the left my natural hair, in the middle just after lamination and on the right straightened hair.

I am really pleased with the result, my hair became shinier and softer. This lamination gave kind of texture to my hair and I hope it's gonna stay like that. I would tatally recommend this prosedure as it's really cheapier than with "Cocochoco" (I tried this one as well and it's not worth the price).

Hope you enjoyed my kind of tutorial as I enjoyed doing it. Have a nice evening ya'll. Kisses

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