Evening guys. There is 1hour left till Autumn. When it comes to seasons, I am always willing to believe that something changes, not only the weather but people as well. So in this occasion I would like to wish you to explore something new and something old that you forgot knowing. Within just few moments I'm becoming a student and I'm so glad about that decision of mine. Maybe that's why I am so passionate about this Autumn. It will bring in to my life something new, something yet unexplored. By the way I found out on the calendar that today is the international BLOGGERS day, so for all of you bloggers out there and those who are affraid to start blogging: Happy blogging day and my wish for you guys would be to be yourself, the best of you you can be. 



Evening everyone. Today I tried something I always wanted but didn't have enough courage to do it. It's hair lamination with gelatine. Yes, yes, the same gelatine you put in your pies and cakes. Everyone knows that gelatine is good for bones and etc. but it also gives you that lamination effect to your hair. You don't have to waste a lot of money to do that. It only costed me like 0.50LTL. 

What's in my make up bag tag


I know this tag is pretty common among bloggers, but I'm not the typical one. I use make up like once every month or even more rarely. And by saying make up I mean liner and mascara. Once in a while I like to "play" with make up that's why I have just a little bit, nothing fancy. I am not trying to brag or anything so try not be so judgmental. I would like to start by showing you my make up bag which I got in Superdrug store. It was a pack of big stripped light pink and white bag with smaller bag with butterflies. I used the smaller one at work so stripped one went to the make up thingies. Literally all my make up fits in this bag and I do not carry it with me like other girls.

To begin with this is all of my eyeshadows. I absolutely love this collection on the right, it's so simple to use and it has directions on it. Very good for beginner like myself. I didn't really used much of the other ones, but I hope one day I will.
The next things in my bag are brushes. I have a lot of them. Got them on ebay very cheap and they really satisfies my needs. The biggest one is for my Egyptische erde from BIKOR, I know most of you know it, but those who don't - it's really tanning powder or whatever is called.

MADOS ANGARAS. too praised

Hello everyone. Today I found this place called "Mados angaras" in Šiaurės miestelis and to be honest with you guys, I left up pretty disappointed. Not even the prices weren't that low as it's written on their website, but besides that the range was so shabby I didn't buy anything at all. Still I want to show you some stuff ofcourse.  Either it was too expensive, or it was not in my size. By the way I didn't find any wearable shoes in any sizes at ALL! I don't know, they brag that they supplement their range everyday, but it just seems to be sheit. Best pieces to you judges:

OOTD & SH catches


Good day everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful evening. Today like many other days I went to few secondhand shops in Lithuania's capital Vilnius. Took some pictures of pieces that I really liked and want to share with you guys my outfit of the day. Soooo let's move on. By the way all pictures are taken with my HTC one, so sorry for the quality.

HUMANA - totaly inhumane

Hey guys! Summer is gonna leave us pretty soon and that means more thrifting and shopping for us, girls. First of all I want to explain you the title of my post. Here in Lithuania "Humana" is kind of a thrift shop. Well sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. Sounds weird? It is. When new stock is being placed into the store, everything is soooo expensive in here. And still there are so many people coming and buying bunch of stuff.

Kosmetikos DNR


Ieškai natūralios kosmetikos? Esi alergiška vienam ar kitam grožio priemonių ingridientui? Dažnai kyla pyktis, kai nesupranti kas parašyta ant kosmetikos etikečių? Ne bėda. Atsirado puikus tavo pagalbininkas - KOSMETIKOS DNR. Tai puslapis, kuriame surasi informacijos apie daugelį populiariausių grožio produktų nuo lietuviškų "UogaUoga" iki pasaulyje gerai žinomų brendų, tokių kaip "The body shop". Kiekvienas produktas yra apdovanojamas žvaigždutėmis - taip lengviausia atskirti geriausius produktus. Visi produktai praeina tam tikrą "filtrą" - išnagrinėjama ar gaminys turi ingridientų, kurie gali kimšti poras, erzinti odą, sukelti alergiją. Trys skaičiai kategarizuoja gaminį, pvz.:  "Natura Siberica" ekologiškas šampūnas "prafiltruotas" skaičiais 20/4/2. Tai reiškia, kad iš dvidešimties ingridientų, keturi erzina odą ir du gali sukelti alergiją.